ICLI Research Director

Dave Krupke M.A. CCC/SLP

Clinical Assistant Professor
St. Ambrose University
Office 563.333.3921

See the Sound/Visual Phonics is a multisensory approach to phonics instruction. A large body of educational and cognitive research supports the effectiveness of both phonics instruction and multisensory approaches to learning.

A large body of reading research also identifies ‘motivation’ as a common characteristic of good readers. It further identifies “interest level of reading material and “fear of failure” as key factors influencing a person’s motication to read. See the Sound/Visual Phonics is helpful in both areas/

As for the actual research base for See the Sound/Visual Phonics itself, the evidence is positive although less definitive. ICLI has always encouraged independent and rigorous research of is programs. Seeking always to avoid the Hawthorne effect, we have worked with individuals, schools, and universities to provide whatever assistance they need in their independent investigations.

From it’s beginning in 1982 ICLI has conducted in-house research to develop and improve its programs. Few educational programs on the market today have a 40-year history of research and self-improvement.