Welcome to the International Communication Learning Institute (ICLI)

There must be a way for all of us who are capable of thought to learn to the best of our abilities and be taught in the way that is best for us. (Millie Snow, 1982)

With the formation of the International Communication Learning Institute (ICLI) in 1982 and the bringing forth of See the Sound/Visual Phonics, we finally have a way to help all people learn in the way that is best for them.

From the Egyptian Pyramids to Sequoya’s Cherokee alphabet, written language continues to be a powerful means of preserving culture, values, and shared knowledge. The ability to read and write is a basic human right, almost as basic as freedom itself. ICLI is committed to teach this ability to as many people as possible.

Visual Phonics puts into perspective not only the written form of language but the real power of language, which is sound.

It opens a door for those who do not have access to all of the learning modes; it gives them access to something that they have not had before, and it is a light going on that permits them to read, to think, to feel, to learn language, and to communicate as we all communicate.

As you navigate this site, we hope you will realize that there is something new here that you haven’t heard before, that rather than being just another reading and speech program, this may be an entirely new approach to language that opens the door of sound.

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